Programme Topics

Key issues

  1. Emission sources and future trends for emission control

  2. Impacts, green mobility, transport policies, control strategy, societal challenges and counter-measures

  3. Vehicle technological improvement, traffic management, infrastructures, green integrated transport, smart cities and mobility

  4. Turning scientific breakthroughs into innovative products and services that provide environmental security and improve people's health

Main Topics

The aim of TAP 2016 will be “Towards energy transition and cleaner transport” and their implication to air quality, with an emphasis on the following topics:

  • Exhaust and non-exhaust emissions from transport modes: measurements and modelling

  • Characteristics of primary and secondary air pollutants (gases and aerosols, particles, VOCs, GhG, ...)
  • Physical, chemical processes and mechanisms of air pollution
  • Real driving emissions (RDE)
  • Emission control and technologies

  • Emission Control Technologies of primary air pollutants of road and non-road transport
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles induced emission control
  • Building and maintenance of road infrastructures (roads, tunnels, new materials and technologies)
  • Cleaner trucks, buses and non-road machines
  • Transport, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Energy efficient technologies and alternative fuels
  • Energy optimization of transportation systems
  • Urban and suburban air quality

  • Air quality measurement, monitoring and modelling
  • Transport and non-transport emission interactions
  • Human exposure and health impacts
  • Impacts on ecosystems: ground and water contamination, assessment methodologies, impact models
  • Transport policies and mobility challenges towards cleaner cities

  • Intelligent Transport Systems and traffic management
  • Environmental legislation, green mobility and teleworking
  • Economic impacts and instruments
  • Societal challenges (perception of air quality and acceptability)
  • Special Session: Modeling testing and control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    This special session is organized by MEGEVH (French national network on HEV)

Modes addressed

Road: highways, urban, suburban and rural roads, passenger and freight transport, motor vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, powered 2-wheelers)

Rail and Air: passenger and freight

Waterborne: maritime, in-land waterborne, short sea shipping, passenger transport and cruises, containers, dredging

Cross-modality: co-modality, inter-modality, combined transport, public transport


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TAP 2016 is an opportunity and a multi-disciplinary event, to bring together all the actors in order to exchange ideas about transport and environment questions, with a particular emphasis on truck emission control (technical, management, economic and policy matters). It will contribute to the European transport competitiveness. The conference topics address the main challenges in transport, with respect to energy, environment and economy issues. TAP 2016 aims to explore the most advanced research works and innovations, the latest technological and industrial developments and implementations, and innovative policies, in Europe and worldwide.

TAP 2016 will comprise:

  • plenary sessions with invited speakers,
  • scientific and technical sessions on the conference topics, where the accepted papers will be presented, either as oral or poster presentations,
  • invited sessions, to be suggested and organized by project leaders, submitted to the organizers committee for acceptance, without published papers.

Exhibition will be held during the conference, aimed at governmental and professional organisations, public and private research organizations, and industrial companies.


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